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We are passionate about making laptops and software run smoothly.
You shouldn't have to be. You do you, and leave the tech to us!

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Everything tech for $250/user/month

Includes Apple laptop, Google Workspace, Slack, 24x7 support, and much more.

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All-in-one IT service

We provide personal service directly to your staff to make sure they have the devices and software they need to be productive from day one.

  • Apple MacBook Air (15" M2 8GB 512 SSD)
  • Express delivery and pickup
  • Device management and asset tracking
  • Google Workspace Business Standard
  • Slack Pro (with SSO)
  • 1Password for Teams
  • 24x7 IT support via Slack, email, & phone
  • Anti-Virus/Malware/Spyware/Ransomware
  • Insurance and replacement devices
  • Trade-in of aged machines
  • Data backups and recovery
  • We'll get you across the SOC/ISO compliance finish line
People working on laptops

Stay Productive

Tech should never get in the way

In business, time is one of the most valuable currencies a company has. So, when precious minutes or hours are lost to unforeseen delays, perhaps at the hands of an old computer refusing to start up, that’s also money lost.

46%Workers admit outdated tech hinders their productivity.

$3,818Dollars/year lost (based on average salary)

46 mins/dayPer employee. 24 days annually.

8.8 daysBooting up a slow computer!

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